How to Register

Please Note: Payment is required at the time of registration. Credit card payment is preferred. To register using alternate forms of payment (check or money order) please contact [email protected].

Step 1. Create a user account, if you don’t already have one, by clicking on the Log In/Create Account button. Complete the form, then click on the Create New Account button. Note: save your username and password for all future access, also making your username and password easy to remember helps.

Step 2. Log in by clicking on the Log In/Create Account button and enter your username and password, then click the Login button. Note: bookmarking the login page will save you time in the future.

After you are logged into your account you can register for any courses available for registration. It is strongly recommended that you read all course information before registering for that course.  To view the course information click on the link Course Schedule on the right hand side of your account page. When viewing the course schedule click on the course title of the course you wish to register for and read the course information. 

To register using alternate forms of payment (check, money order) contact [email protected] for registration processing. Please ensure steps 1 and 2 have been completed before contacting [email protected].

Step 3. (Have your credit card ready) Click on the Enroll in a New Course link from your account page.

Step 4. On the Enrollment page select the course you wish to register for using the Course drop down menu to select the course.  Use the Certificate drop down menu to select the appropriate certificate. Once both the course and certificate type have been selected click the Enroll and Pay button.

Step 5. Confirm your selection by checking the course box. Click the Make a uPayment button.

Step 6. Confirm your payment by clicking the Confirm button.

Step 7. Ensure the payment amount is correct and click the Continue button.

Step 8. Fill in the required fields: credit card, mailing and email address (where your receipt will be emailed).  Click on the Continue button.

Step 9. Confirm all information and click on the Continue button.

Step 10. When your payment has been processed click on the link provided and return to your account registration has been concluded.

To view payment policy information please use the payment policies page.

Please note that the ATTC of New England @ Brown University reserves the right to postpone or cancel any course.

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