Stinger Detox Review: Is This Drink Really Good?

The world of detox products is amazingly huge in our days. And we’re thrilled to share this Stinger Detox review with our readers. This powerful detoxifying solution exceeded our expectations and left us genuinely impressed. Its fast-acting formula is capable of flushing out toxins – this drink does its job.

Easy to use and surprisingly effective, Stinger Detox can give you the confidence you need for that drug test. In fact, this brand has a variety of detox solutions that may help in different situations. If you’re a THC user and seeking a detox solution that delivers on its promises, Stinger is the name you can trust.

Stinger Detox

What are THC Detox Drinks?

Detox drinks are specially formulated beverages designed to help the body eliminate toxins. They are a popular option among cannabis users who face the necessity to pass a drug test. People turn to detox drinks to expedite the removal of substances like THC or other metabolites from their system.

But why is the demand for a good cleansing drink so high? The answer is simple: it can help a weed lover in passing urine, saliva, or blood drug tests. Those subjected to employment screenings, probation checks, or athletes undergoing routine testing find these drinks invaluable.

In 2023, drug tests remain prevalent in the USA. Millions of Americans pass them every year, voluntarily or not. Drug testing methodologies now are highly sophisticated and accurate procedures. Urine analysis remains a common method. Advancements in technology allow them to detect a wide range of substances – with deadly precision. As our readers may know, drug testing labs use cutting-edge techniques such as liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). It can give them unparalleled accuracy in identifying specific drugs and their metabolites.

Oral swab tests are also popular – they are fast and non-invasive. These tests can detect recent drug use by analysing saliva, providing quick results. Additionally, blood tests continue to be employed for certain scenarios. They’re offering a comprehensive overview of an individual’s drug history.

As you can see, choosing the right detox drink is crucial for success. An effective product should match the specific toxins targeted in the test, ensuring a thorough cleanse of marijuana residues. Stinger Detox stands out as a reliable choice. These guys are offering tailored solutions for various testing scenarios and providing peace of mind in critical situations.

Stinger Detox Drink Review – All About It

So, if you are facing a drug test – don’t give them any chance to detect any THC remnant in your system. Use a good detox solution to achieve this goal. And yes – Stinger Detox is a company you can opt for in this situation. Their products also have positive reviews on the web – however, we found the negative ones too.

Stinger Detox is a brand with multiple detoxification solutions for you. These include:

  • Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x
  • Stinger Instant Detox Regular Strength
  • Stinger Instant Detox 5x Strength
  • Stinger 7-Day Permanent Detox
  • Stinger 5X Elite Combo

The effectiveness of Stinger Detox lies in its ability to boost the body’s natural detoxification processes. Ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals collaborate to enhance liver function and promote the elimination of THC metabolites through urine. We’ll describe those ingredients later. This dual-action approach ensures a thorough cleanse. Weed users have a genuine chance to pass drug tests with confidence.

A wide selection of detox products will work in your favour. After all, you can choose the product that suits you best. Your drug test is in a week and you have some time to prepare? Choose Stinger Detox 7 days and be sure to pass it! Need immediate cleansing of the body from toxins? Instant products like Stinger 5X Elite Combo are here for you!

A Smart Tip

How to use Stinger Detox? For optimal results, users should consume it as a single, concentrated dose. Drinking the entire content of the bottle at once maximizes the impact of its potent formula. Doing this way, you will allow the ingredients to work efficiently in unison. Timing is crucial because you have to consume the drink within a specific window before that drug test. And remember: dilution with water is a bad idea. It may compromise the drink’s potency. Follow the Stinger Detox instructions to the T and succeed!

Stinger Detox Ingredients

People often ask – does Stinger Detox work? The answer is: yes, it does work – due to its ingredients. The products of this brand contain a good blend of natural ingredients. And they work synergistically to expedite the elimination of THC residues from your body. So, let’s have a closer look.

Niacin, L-taurine, methylsulfonylmethane, D-ribose, L-lysine, citric acid, Blue 1, Red 40, filtered water, and sodium benzoate are all included in the exclusive blend of Stinger Detox. It’s their basic formula to get weed out of your system. Each individual product contains some other ingredients, or the proportions can vary.

  • Niacin: A B vitamin, niacin aids in metabolizing fats, promoting overall cardiovascular health. It’s used for detox, and it may induce sweating, potentially expelling toxins.
  • L-taurine: An amino acid with antioxidant properties, taurine supports liver function, aiding in detoxification. It also helps regulate electrolytes and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, MSM supports joint health and may indirectly contribute to detoxification by reducing inflammation in the body.
  • D-ribose: A sugar involved in energy production, D-ribose helps combat fatigue and supports cellular function. While not a direct detoxifier, it contributes to overall health.
  • L-lysine: An essential amino acid, L-lysine is crucial for protein synthesis and immune function. It can’t be called a detox powerhouse, but it plays a role in maintaining overall well-being.
  • Citric acid: Naturally found in citrus fruits, citric acid aids digestion and enhances kidney function. It can contribute to a more acidic environment, aiding in detox processes.

Let’s be honest: this list is good, but not very impressive. These components work and can be positive for your health. But are these enough to make Stinger Detox a top-notch detox solution? Our answer is – no. Stinger products miss some really important ingredients. So, what product to choose? The Toxin Rid detox pills! We will review this detoxification product below because it’s really the best in this niche.

Toxin Rid Pills – The Best Alternative

Toxin Rid detox pills are highly regarded by THC users for their scientifically formulated effectiveness in rapidly eliminating toxins from the body, providing a reliable strategy for passing drug tests.

The pills work through a multistep process that targets various elimination pathways. Ingredients like herbs, minerals, and vitamins synergistically stimulate liver function, enhancing its ability to metabolize and expel THC metabolites. Additionally, Toxin Rid supports kidney function, promoting the efficient filtration of toxins from the bloodstream.

These pills are suitable for a range of THC users, catering to both occasional and regular consumers. You can choose a 1-day detox if your test is tomorrow. Or you can clean it all up with 7-day detox pills. Whether facing routine employment screenings, probation tests, or simply desiring a clean system, Toxin Rid provides a top-notch solution. Its effectiveness is really good for users with a history of heavier THC consumption.

The key ingredients of Stinger drinks include burdock root, red clover, dandelion root, and alfalfa leaf extract. As well as some vitamins and minerals. Burdock root supports liver function and blood purification. Also, red clover and dandelion root are known for their diuretic properties, aiding in the elimination of toxins through urine. The inclusion of vitamins and minerals ensures this goal. With Toxin Rid, your body has all the necessary support for a healthy and efficient detoxification process.

While Stinger Detox is a notable contender, Toxin Rid stands out due to its superior ingredients and a track record spanning over 20 years. The longevity of its success speaks volumes about its reliability and effectiveness. The careful selection and combination of ingredients in Toxin Rid make it a legend in the detox market. And there are thousands of happy customer reviews to prove this.

Where to Buy Stinger Detox Drink?

Stinger Detox products, including The Buzz 5x, are formulated in an FDA-accredited laboratory, adhering to FDA guidelines. They are available for purchase on, as well as on major online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and GNC. But it’s always better to buy at the official website. The prices are usually lower, plus you can get some really nice discounts!

At the same time, you can just type something like “Stinger Detox near me” into Google. You’ll find some local stores that sell this detox drink with ease.

Manufacturer & Customer Support & Return Policy

Stinger, a prominent weed detox producer established in 1993, introduced the Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x in 2011, addressing detox needs effectively ever since. Situated at 2910 North 19th Avenue, Building 1, Suite 24, Phoenix, Arizona 85085, the company, unfortunately, does not accommodate walk-in inquiries. For all questions, they can be reached at (866) 961-8378 or through their

Moreover – the company ensures swift and discreet shipping, a 10-day return policy, and robust customer support. These features can easily gain the trust of the people. After all, these things prove that the company is responsible for its detox product.

Stinger Detox Drinks and Their Prices

If you want to get weed out of your system, you can order various products made by Stinger. They have some goods to offer:

  • 1HR Whole Body Cleanser – $21.95. Good choice when your drug test is today!
  • Instant Cleanser – $49.95. A well-known product for detoxification.
  • 5X Instant Cleanser – $55.95. Works even better, five times stronger!
  • The Buzz 5X Deep System Cleanser – $44.95. Its formula is perfect for the deep system cleanse after moderate and heavy THC exposure.
  • Stinger Detox 5X Elite 2-in-1 Combo Pack – $69.99. A complex solution for cleaning all the weed residues out really quickly.
  • Stinger Detox 7 Day Permanent Cleanser – $44.95. Works not for a few hours – it claims to clean everything from your body forever.
  • 5X 7-Day Permanent Cleanser – $49.95. The same, but with a stronger effect. Good choice for everyday smokers.

What Else Do They Offer?

This brand has something to show you except the weed detox drinks. For example, you can order Anti-Buzz pills that are to assist in the metabolizing of alcohol. These can prevent a hard hangover, and the price is only $39.99. Natural ingredients can do this task, so we recommend it.

Stinger Detox Mouthwash is another product worth buying. As they claim, it provides a powerful cleanse with a great-tasting vanilla flavour. If you worry about an oral drug test – a mouthwash product is your salvation. It’s super easy to use: sip small amounts and swirl in your mouth for at least one minute. Swallow when finished, repeat until the entire bottle is used up. Do not brush or drink anything after using. It will cost you just $34.95.

Also, they offer Stinger Folli-Kleen Hair Cleanser. This solution is supposed to help you pass a hair drug test by cleaning your hair. However, its ingredients are not given to us, and the price is very low – $29.95. Besides, a hair drug test is the most difficult to pass, and cheap products like this usually fail to clean your hair. We don’t recommend using such a product for a hair follicle drug test – the risk of wasting money and failing a test is high.

Stinger Detox Pros and Cons


  • Quick Action: It’s a fast-acting solution, providing users with a reliable detox option in time-sensitive situations.
  • Varied Formulations: Stinger Detox caters to different needs with formulations designed for various drug testing scenarios. It’s the versatility for the users.
  • Ease of Use: The drink’s simplicity makes it user-friendly, requiring no complex preparation or additional steps for effective detoxification.
  • Widely Available: Stinger Detox is readily available in various retail outlets and online, ensuring easy accessibility for users.
  • Positive User Reviews: Many users report successful outcomes with Stinger Detox, reflecting a high level of satisfaction and confidence in the product.
  • Natural Ingredients: Stinger Detox utilizes a blend of natural ingredients, appealing to those seeking a more holistic approach to detoxification.
  • Affordability: In comparison to some alternative detox products, Stinger Detox is more budget-friendly.


  • Effectiveness Variability: Results may vary among users, with some experiencing more consistent success than others.
  • Limited Long-Term Support: Stinger Detox is primarily designed for short-term detoxification, lacking comprehensive support for individuals seeking prolonged detox solutions.
  • The ingredients don’t include such powerful things as dandelion root or alfalfa leaf extract.

Stinger Detox Customer Reviews

There are hundreds of Stinger Detox reviews on the web. And most of them prove that this detox product works. You have to agree that first-hand experience does really matter in this case!

Stinger Detox Review 1

Peter, a 47-year-old male, is a chronic THC user. He smoked weed daily for 25 years, sometimes 4-5 times a day – that’s really a lot of marijuana. And he passed his drug test with Stinger Detox and is really happy about this. Well, we understand it!

Stinger Detox Review 2

Another customer, Amanda, shared her urine drug test results. She passed it by using Stinger Detox The Buzz 5x drink. Amanda weighs 105 pounds, so she used only one bottle of a detox drink. Her sample was really clear, and it worked – she passed her test.

Stinger Detox Review 3

Stinger Detox worked for Tevia in June 2023. As she wrote, this product has never left her down. A customer just has to follow the Stinger Detox instructions to the T.

Stinger Detox Review 4

This guy, Josh, was still positive after drinking a bottle of Stinger Detox drink. He’s a daily user, but what matters more – he waited for 2 days before testing. We’re not sure that this can work in any case – the directions tell us to use the detox drink and test after an hour or two.

Stinger Detox Q&A

How Does Stinger Total Detox Clean Every Major Body System?

Stinger Total Detox operates at the cellular level, facilitating major toxic waste removal. The ingredients are more bioavailable than herbal preparations, ensuring comprehensive detoxification across major body systems. This will help you to pass a drug test.

I Weigh More Than 230 Pounds. Will Stinger Still Work for Me?

Yes, but for optimal results, individuals weighing over 230 pounds should use two bottles or one bottle of Stinger Buzz 5X along with Stinger SuperMAXX Accelerator.

Do Detox Drinks Work for Drug Tests?

Stinger Detox products work for a drug test when taken as directed. However, for personalized advice, consult with your doctor. Stinger does not provide medical advice.

Can Stinger Be Detected by a Test?

No, the ingredients in Stinger products are legal and safe. Stinger is not a masking agent, and it does not interfere with any tests. Passing a test with Stinger indicates genuine cleanliness without detectable levels of illicit substances.

How Often Can I Take Stinger Products?

You can take Stinger products as often as needed for your detoxification requirements. There are no harmful chemicals to worry about – it’s safe to drink. But there is no need to drink them daily – detox to pass the test and that’s it.


Stinger Detox is a brand that produces some good detox supplements like The Buzz 5x or 1 HR Cleanser. You can order them and pass your drug test, in many cases. Their prices are not high – however, the ingredients aren’t the best, they are just good.

Can you use the Stinger Detox drink to pass drug test? Well, you definitely can do it, and there are lots of Stinger Detox reviews to prove this fact. It will work best as an ordinary detox drink: drink, be clear for a couple of hours, pass your test.

But if you need the top-quality supplement to get weed out of your system forever – consider ordering Toxin Rid pills. Their 7-day course is capable of doing this due to a much more complex formula and better ingredients.

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