Participation Guidelines

In order to participate in the New England ATTC Distance Learning Program (DLP), you will need an e-mail address and the capacity to retrieve and send e-mail, access to World Wide Web (a WWW browser such as Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer), and a basic understanding of navigating the web and sending and receiving e-mail. See “Untangling the Web” developed by the National Addiction Technology Transfer Center for a guide on Internet access and how to bring your agency online.

Please note that the preferred browser for New England ATTC online courses is Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. For a free download of Internet Explorer, please go to the following site:

All DLP courses are asynchronous in that there are generally no scheduled classroom events that require all participants to meet online at a particular, predetermined time. Lessons are posted on Tuesdays, and homework assignments are due on Mondays. Lessons, homework assignments, and bulletin board discussions can be accessed 24 hours a day at a time that is most convenient for the course participant. Each web-based lesson contains the required reading for each module, as well as links to other websites that contain information relevant to the course subject matter.

In addition to the weekly lesson and required readings, participants are also required to respond to a discussion question, as well as to answer several questions related to the material presented online. The course instructor provides weekly feedback, and participants share in the thoughts and vast experiences of their fellow classmates through the course listserve. Registration, evaluation, and homework assignments are all collected through online submission forms and all course correspondence is conducted via email. The total time commitment per lesson is generally two hours per week.

Occasionally, a course will consist of a live chat with the instructor that does include a specific meeting time. Because the DLP provides training to participants from many diverse locations throughout the World, it is impossible to schedule a chat session that is convenient for all participants, therefore, in some cases, an alternative assignment will be required for those who are unable to attend the chat. A transcript of all live chats is provided to course participants.

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