Faculty 1

James Wuelfing, BA, CPP, NRPP

James Wuelfing, BA, CPP, NRPP, is owner of the New England Center, a company dedicated to quality training and technical assistance services. He has many specialties including: prevention, community awareness, curriculum development, peer education, stress management, and problem gambling prevention. The New England Center presently holds contracts with the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling and the DMHAS Compulsive Gambling Treatment Program as well several agencies, colleges, and universities

He has trained professionals around the country and in Europe. Jim has been on the faculty of the New England School of Alcohol Studies for eight years. Prior to owning his own business, Jim was the Training Manager at the ETP Center in East Hartford, CT and served for thirteen years as an Associate Dean of Students at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA.


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