Dee Lexandra, Ph.D.

Dee Lexandra, Ph.D., MSW, Florida LCSW and Certified Addiction Professional, has been actively involved in addiction treatment in Florida for the past 22 years, her focus for more than 12 years, was group work in psychiatric and substance abuse in-patient and out-patient hospital treatment programs. Recently, over the past six years she has worked primarily as a consultant on the behalf of behavioral health organizations in support of the U.S. Military Service members and their families throughout national and international U.S. Military Installations. The focus of her professional experiences in addiction treatment include: education, training, research, counseling, and consulting. Dr. Lexandra received her Ph.D. in Family Therapy as a result of her study about what the client believed “worked” in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and is a Florida Certified Addiction Professional.

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