Michael Torch, MA, MLADC

Michael Torch is an addiction treatment provider with over 30 years experience. He was recognized by the New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor’s Association in 2002 with its “Life Time Achievement Award”. Currently providing behavioral health consultation, evidence-based practice adoption consultation and training as well as technology transfer consultation. He currently serves as a member of the US Probation Service’s New England Critical Incident Stress Management Team and is the Senior Technology Transfer Specialist for the Addiction Technology Transfer Center-New England at Brown University. Michael has been a trainer of alcohol and drug counselors for over 25 years with extensive experience treating chemically dependent adolescents, trauma victims, and individuals under the supervision of the criminal justice system. His professional experience includes practice in public schools, correctional environments, treating law enforcement personnel, inpatient chemical dependency programs, outpatient practice and consultant to a First Nation Healing Program.

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