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Dual Diagnosis Treatment: A MAP to Recovery – Part 2
Marc Bono, PsyD
Course Description:

This continuing education workshop will expand upon the information covered in the beginners course: Dual Diagnosis Treatment: A M.A.P. to Recovery. This course will be an examination of the current literature on Dual Diagnosis treatment. Participants will advance their knowledge base on a variety of subjects related to dual diagnosis treatment. Specifically, this course will review findings in the body of literature regarding the advantages of Integrated Treatment. We will develop “mission statements” for programs serving dual diagnosed clients; review criteria for programs serving the dually diagnosed population; review a number of “best practices” for treating this population; discuss a number of potential scenarios that represent “treatment failure loops;” review the attitudes, values and skills of the dual diagnoses clinician; and discuss the variety of treatment modalities that can be blended to work most effectively with the dually diagnosed population.

This five week course requires 10 hours of work over its duration.

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