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Evidence-Based Correctional Programming
John C. Gramuglia, MBA, LICSW, MLADC, LCS
Course Description:

This course will focus on the key components of developing correctional programs based on evidence from the “what works” literature. It will also discuss the evaluation after implementation.

We will review the history of risk assessment in the field of criminal justice, and discuss how and why the field has gone from a clinical assessment model to an actuarial model.

In addition, we will explore how case planning is developed from an actuarial model, using the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R). Evidence indicates that successful programming address a minimum of four criminogenic needs. And critically, for an individual assessed with any of the so-called “big four” needs, programming must target whichever of these are relevant.

The course will also explain how to integrate resources to address multiple criminogenic needs into a comprehensive treatment program, including how to co-opt key players from different disciplines (security, case workers, treatment providers and administration) into the implementation process. Finally, the course will show how to evaluate the efficacy of the program after it is implemented.

This four week course requires 8 hours of work over its duration.

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