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Using Scientifically Based REBT to treat Addictions with SMART Recovery
John C. Gramuglia, MBA, LICSW, MLADC, LCS
Course Description:

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) is a scientifically based approach to counseling that involves teaching people to counsel themselves. REBT was established in the 1950s by Albert Ellis (previously a psychoanalyst) as a technique born out of philosophy that enables people to change how they feel and behave by changing the way they think. It empowers the clients to counsel themselves and ultimately heal their emotional/behavioral disturbances. SMART Recovery born out of Rational Recovery was officially began operating in 1994. SMART has a variety of meeting approaches, meetings take place in the community, online, correctional facilities and all meetings are free. SMART Recovery is not disease model based, SMART sees addiction as a maladaptive behavior, which one can overcome using psychological/philosophic scientific tools.

This four week course will explore the following aspects of both REBT and SMART; the history and growth of REBT, the philosophical underpinnings of REBT, the SMART four point program and implementation of the techniques.

This course is intended for anyone in the addictions field looking for an adjunct approach to the disease model.

Goal: To introduce and teach science based/philosophical approaches to addiction treatment in an organized format.

This four week course requires 8 hours of work over its duration.

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