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Strength Based Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
Dee Lexandra, Ph.D.

Course Description:

This course is a continuation of the “Understanding the Language of Warriors: Substance Abuse Treatment for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans” which provided basic counseling skills to help counselors build a therapeutic alliance. Once a counselor understands the unique culture of the separate U.S. Military branches, additional clinical skills from evidence-based therapy models can help to create positive change in the life of the veteran client.

This eight hour course addresses the following TAP 21 Core Competencies: Application to Practice/Professional Readiness (4hours) and Understanding Addiction/Treatment Knowledge (4hours)

The content is presented in four consecutive weeks will discuss strength based treatment interventions that match the needs of the veteran client in treatment for alcohol and, or, drug abuse. The primary skills used in the following treatment models: Solution-focused (de Shazer, 1988); Reality therapy (Glasser, 2001); Motivational Enhancement Therapy (Miller, 1995); will be presented in weekly lessons and case examples. Additional resiliency based treatment interventions will be discussed when appropriate.

Treatment interventions that address the needs of the substance abuse veteran who is recovering from alcohol and, or, drug abuse without a DSM IV (APA, 2000) diagnoses, and with the following mental health diagnoses: Depression, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, TBI, and family relationship issues will be addressed. Each week will require one hour reading in the lesson to be followed by one hour homework response which will provide the opportunity to integrate knowledge.

This four week course requires 8 hours of work over its duration.

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