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Recovery Community Organizations
James Wuelfing, BA, CPP, NRPP

Course Description:

The past twenty years in the addiction treatment arena has seen many advances in the professionalization of the field and in the use of researched-based effective practices. One of the corollary effects of this movement is that in many cases there has been a divide created between treatment services and the recovery community.

In the past ten years, more emphasis has been placed on creating recovery oriented systems of care (ROSC). Recovery oriented systems of care are health and human service organizations that affirm hope for recovery, exemplify a strength-based (as opposed to pathology-focused) orientation, and offer a wide spectrum of services aimed at the support of long-term recovery.

Often times the movement toward recovery oriented systems of care is driven by recovery community organizations (RCO). An RCO is an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by local communities of recovery. The broadly defined recovery community – people in long-term recovery, their families, friends and allies, including recovery-focused addiction and recovery professionals – includes organizations whose members reflect many pathways to recovery. RCOs typically advocate for ROSC and/or provide peer-driven services designed to increase recovery capital and support people on their journey to long term recovery.

This course will examine the movement toward recovery oriented systems of care and the role of recovery community organizations in the process.

This four week course requires 8 hours of work over its duration.

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