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Managing Diversity: Developing an Inclusive Work Environment and Culturally Relevant Human Services
Deoshore Haig, MSW
Course Description:

Cultural Competence is a growing professional practice within the United States. Federal, state, local, and non-governmental agencies are recognizing that the significant changes in demographics have fostered a paradigm shift in our understanding and practice of providing health and human services to culturally diverse communities and consumers. In essence it is a process by which organizations and their staff understand culturally diverse communities and clientele within the context of their life experiences and utilize said information as an asset to deliver best practices to all those accessing their services. Thus, it is paramount that administrators and staff alike of health and human service organizations’ initiate a process to assess, evaluate, and develop strategic planning activities that guide their delivery and performance systems. This course has been designed to enhance administrators and managers diversity and cultural competency leadership skills. Administrators and managers will be engaged in reading assignments and hands-on activities that will assess and evaluate their roles and responsibilities for fulfilling their agency’s goals for developing and sustaining an inclusive work environment and the delivery of culturally relevant services.

This four week course requires 8 hours of work over its duration.

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