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Substance Use Disorders Among Older Adults
David F. Duncan, Dr.P.H., CAS, FAAHB
Course Description:

When we think of alcohol or other drug abuse we usually think of adolescents and young adults, but awareness is growing that the elderly also suffer from abuse of alcohol and other drugs. A significant percentage of the population aged sixty-five and older suffers from a problem involving alcohol or other drug abuse. Such older substance abusers place even greater burdens on the health care system than do younger abusers, yet less attention is focused on their needs. This course will introduce the student to what is known about these problems in older adults. Topics to be addressed will include the epidemiology of substance abuse in the elderly, early onset versus late onset problems, issues in screening and assessment, treatment issues and approaches and barriers to treating the older substance abuser.

This five week course requires 10 hours of work over its duration.

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