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Introduction to Drug Courts
Stanley Chin, J.D.
Course Description:

The prison population continues to fill with many offenders dealing with substance abuse issues. Over a half a million inmates will be release each year. Many of these individuals will continue to have substance abuse issues and as a result will end up returning to prison. In response to this growing problem, drug courts have spread across the country in an effort to lower the recidivism rate. Introduction to Drug Courts is a four week course. Participants will be provided some basic understanding why and how drug courts were developed. Also to be presented includes the process of drug courts, what are the current trends, and the effectiveness of drug courts. The instructor will point out some necessary components, and hurdles for the development of a drug court. Participants will be required to read the materials provided and to access links to the internet. There will be recommended materials to read, a forum section for discussions, and homework.

This four week course requires 8 hours of work over its duration.

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